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Leonard C. Tengco is the owner and founder of Tengco Law PLLC. Mr. Tengco dedicates his practice to civil litigation and appellate advocacy with an emphasis in real estate disputes.

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Willems v. Batcheller
109 Va. Cir. 319, 2022
Va. Cir. LEXIS 19
Fairfax County 2023

Landowners were ordered to take permanent measures to control bamboo in area where it was currently planted proximate to neighbors’ shed

Sayres v. Fuentes
2021 Va. Cir LEXIS 62
Loudoun County 2021

Sustaining demurrer to buyers’ counterclaim alleging real estate fraud in the inducement

Rustgi v. Webb
105 Va. Cir. 199, 2020 Va. Cir. LEXIS 81, 2020 WL 8831997
Fairfax County 2020

Denying claim by dominant tenement for prescriptive easement upon finding that predecessors to servient tenement gave permission to dock a boat on a lake seawall

Pfeiffer v. Efre
2018 Va. Cir. LEXIS 1521
Loudon County 2018

Agreed order of confirmation of sale

Pfeiffer v. Efre
2018 Va. Cir. LEXIS 1456
Loudon County 2018

Order granting plaintiff’s motion seeking funds held by Clerk of Court

O’Donovan v. Lake
109 Va. Cir. 253, 2022 Va. Cir. LEXIS 15
Fairfax County 2022

Each home was found to be responsible for an equal share of the costs required to maintain the driveway in issue, each home being severally and jointly responsible for the maintenance of the pipestem system and each part of the driveway constituting parts of a unified whole

Newcomer v. Wells Fargo Bank
N.A., 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 9482, 2019 WL 267873
E.D. Va. 2019

Granting mortgagor’s motion to remand to Richmond Circuit Court and holding that federal preemption defense under FCRA does not establish subject matter jurisdiction

NB Tysons, Inc. v. VA Henry Rose, LLC
106 Va. Cir. 86, 2020 Va. Cir. LEXIS 152, 2020 WL 10355918
Fairfax County 2020

Holding transfer of inventory between two separate LLCs owned by a single individual is not fraudulent per se

Mountjoy v. Slaey
110 Va. Cir. 359, 2022 Va. Cir. LEXIS 190
Fairfax County 2022

Co-owner’s obligation to pay for a property is not contingent upon their occupying the property, and neither can a co-owner make the other responsible for the costs of ownership simply by moving out of a property or by occupying a less expensive property

Malloy v. Westco Builders
2021 Va. Cir. LEXIS 454
Culpeper County 2021

Overruling demurrer to counterclaim for breach of new homes sales contract)

In real estate and title litigation, legal professionals navigate a complex landscape of property disputes and ownership challenges. Their expertise is instrumental in resolving conflicts related to property encroachments, where boundaries are breached, and in handling intricate matters concerning easements and right-of-way disputes. These experts also play a crucial role in cases involving title challenges, such as adverse possession claims, where individuals seek ownership rights through prolonged use, and in addressing breaches of contracts that occur in real estate transactions.

Serving as guardians of property rights, they mediate disputes, uphold legal agreements, and ensure the integrity of real estate dealings, safeguarding the interests of property owners in the intricate realm of real estate and title litigation.

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